Health Benefits of Coffee

Image of coffee

I find it a bit amusing that I am now a person that really needs his couple of cups of coffee a day. That’s because for the first 50 or so years of my life, I didn’t even drink it. But, over the last few years as we published articles …

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Benefits of Moderate Exercise

Image of a man riding a bicycle

If you prefer to only take medicines when absolutely necessary, then read this article that came from Tufts School of Medicine which suggests evidence that some modest regular exercise can provide better prevention for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. If you want a good reason to exercise then you’ll enjoy this article. Have …

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Good Cholesterol Can Lower Inflammation

Today’s topic: With inflammation being the cause of many serious diseases, such as heart disease and cancer, new research gives us a great reason to consider increasing good cholesterol levels. The Shocking Truth about Human Growth Hormone Growth hormone is a necessity to keep your body young and healthy. Unfortunately, as …

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Lower Your Risk of Heart Trouble by 50%

Today’s topic: Heart disease is still the number one cause of death in America. A recent study found that low levels of magnesium may be directly associated with heart disease. Find out what you can do to increase your intake of magnesium and reduce your risk of heart attack. Restore Your …

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Five Natural Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

Today’s topic: If you want to reduce your risk of heart disease without having to take medications, you may want to try one of these five natural alternatives. Renowned Medical Doctor Spills the Beans…Turn Your Body Into a Superhuman Specimen of Health and Youth! You Can Give Your Body Super …

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