Four foods that can prevent early death

Image of popcorn

Besides trying to control weight gain by lower calorie intake there’s something else you can do that can drastically reduce your risk of dying from a heart attack and other dangerous ailments. The University of California study we report on today describes four kinds of snack foods that have been …

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Fiber Fights Weight Gain

Image of fiber-rich carrots

I don’t know about you, but the struggle to maintain my weight is a tough one for me. That’s why I was happy to read today’s article which explains how eating certain kinds of food can help you keep off weight without actually reducing calories. If you’re interested in controlling …

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Cancer Fighting Abilities of Coffee

Image of coffee

It looks like this is a good week for coffee marketers. Earlier in the week we reported on a new study regarding the very impressive health benefits for coffee drinker’s hearts. Well, today we have an entirely different new study that was released that remarkably shows a 34% less likely …

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This Diet Prevents Cancer

Image of fruit

Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. So, today’s article that reports on a new Harvard study revealing a powerful preventative tool, should be of great interest. It details how a 5% change in caloric intake can result in a 28% lower risk of breast cancer. …

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Strawberries Protect the Heart

Image of strawberries

There’s been many recent studies that suggested that strawberries have wonderful antioxidant benefits. However, this new Italian study has revealed another great potential reason to make strawberries a regular part of your diet: strawberries protect the heart. I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Have a healthy …

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