Health Benefits of Eggs

Image of eggs

There is a widespread belief that eggs aren’t good for you, but today’s article reports on a recent Harvard study that says quite the opposite is true. It’s made me think about trying to get some eggs into my diet. If you’re interested in great natural sources of protein, strengthening …

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Dr. Pham reveals what you must know about nuts

Image of brazil nuts

Welcome to today’s issue of “Ask the Doc” where Dr. Pham answers actual questions from Naturecast Readers. We hope you find today’s issue useful. Have a healthy day, Larry Berman P.S. If you have health questions in particular if they have something to do with natural health, you can send …

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Super Food Provides Several Health Benefits

Image of an avocado

There are several foods that because of an abundance of research demonstrating remarkable health benefits, are now labeled by researchers as “super foods.” Today’s article covers one of them and the many benefits this food provides. I think after reading it, you’ll be wanting to make sure it’s a regular …

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Dark Chocolate and Heart Health

So, unless you’ve got your head buried in the sand you’ve probably heard about dark chocolate being good for your heart. But, what you might not know is that according to this Harvard study those benefits are extremely intense. In fact, those subjects that consumed cocoa regularly reduced their risk …

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Benefits of Moderate Exercise

Image of a man riding a bicycle

If you prefer to only take medicines when absolutely necessary, then read this article that came from Tufts School of Medicine which suggests evidence that some modest regular exercise can provide better prevention for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. If you want a good reason to exercise then you’ll enjoy this article. Have …

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