Cancer Fighting Abilities of Coffee

It looks like this is a good week for coffee marketers. Earlier in the week we reported on a new study regarding the very impressive health benefits for coffee drinker’s hearts. Well, today we have an entirely different new study that was released that remarkably shows a 34% less likely to die from cancer for coffee drinkers. I think you’ll find the details quite interesting.

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Cancer Fighting Abilities of Coffee

Image of coffee

Coffee may reduce your risk of cancer. Image by George Hodan,

BOSTON—A recent study conducted at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that drinking coffee could help prevent cancer, especially colon cancer.

The study included 1000 bowel cancer patients who underwent chemotherapy, all of the patients filled out questionnaires early in the study, during treatment, and a year later. The researchers analyzed the effects drinking caffeinated coffee had on the cancer.

The team found that those who consumed at least 4 cups of coffee per day had a 42 percent reduced chance of their cancer returning, compared to non-coffee drinkers. In addition, they were also 34 percent less likely to die from cancer.

According to lead author, Dr. Charles Fuchs:

“We found that coffee drinkers had a lower risk of the cancer coming back and a significantly greater survival and chance of a cure.”

If you are interested in preventing or fighting off cancer, you might want to consider adding coffee to your daily diet.

Have a healthy day,

Larry Berman

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