Does Starting Exercise Late in Life Help You?

Today’s topic: We’ve all heard the saying “it’s never too late”. Turns out, that may be true for exercising as well. Research suggests that no matter how old you are when you start exercising, it may help you age well.

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Study Says Exercising Late in Life Benefits You

Image of a man walking
It’s never too late to begin working out. Image by Kim Newberg

LONDON – A study conducted at the University College London and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has confirmed that it’s never too late to start exercising.

The study examined if a decline in mental and physical activities was diminished in subjects that began to exercise later in life.

The study had 3454 subjects. They were surveyed about how much exercise they did in the beginning of the study and then how much they did at the end of an eight year period.

Seniors who were active at least once a week at the start of the study and remained active were the most likely to experience healthy aging. But those who started exercising during the study period benefited as well

People who remained active during all eight years were over seven times more likely to experience healthy aging than inactive seniors. Those who became active after the study started were three times more likely than inactive adults to age well.

Lead Researcher, Mark Hamer says:

“Regular physical activity in older age is important to remain healthy. However, taking up physical activity at old age is also beneficial.” Mark Hamer told Reuters Health in an email. He led the study at University College London.

If you’re interested in living a long and healthy life, this study confirms that exercise can help you do it even if you start later in life.

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