Sleep and Your Heart

Today’s topic: Are you getting enough sleep? Studies show not getting the right amount of sleep may raise inflammation levels that are associated with heart disease.

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Poor Sleep Can Cause Heart Disease

Image of woman sleepingSAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA—A recent study conducted at the University of California and published online in the Journal of Psychiatric Research found that poor sleep raises inflammation levels that are associated with the progression of heart disease.

Inflammation has been found to be a known predictor of cardiovascular health.

The study included 700 participants that the researchers followed for five years. Among them, poor sleep was significantly associated with increased inflammation levels over the five years, which is associated with heart disease.

According to lead author, Aric Prather:

“Now we have evidence that poor sleep appears to play a bigger role than we had previously thought in driving long-term increases in inflammation levels and may contribute to the negative consequences often associated with poor sleep”

If you are interested in minimizing your risk for heart disease, you might want to consider getting a good amount of sleep (7-9 hours) every night.

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