Lower Heart Failure Risk by 40%

Today’s topic: Studies show that physical activity lowers your risk of heart problems, even later in life. No matter when you do it, starting an exercise program may lower your heart failure risk by 40%.

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Lower Heart Failure Risk By 40%

Image of woman jogging
By Mike Baird, via Wikimedia Commons

DALLAS – Recent research conducted at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and presented at the American Heart Association scientific meeting on May 15th, offers more proof that getting fit lowers the risk of heart failure even later in life.

According to American Heart Association spokesman Dr. Gregg Fonarow:

“One in five adults will develop heart failure in their lifetime, and 670,000 men and women in the United States will develop heart failure this year. Yet in many cases, heart failure is preventable by maintaining cardiovascular health and control of heart failure risk factors.”

The study followed 9000 subjects and watched them for 18 years. The team found that people who weren’t physically fit at the start of the study had a higher risk of heart failure, but those whose fitness improved due to exercise on the tests had a lower risk of heart failure later on than those whose fitness remained poor.

In fact, the concluded that even modest improvements in conditioning could reduce heart failure risk by as much as 40%.

If you’re interested in reducing your risk of heart failure you might want to consider committing to a regular fitness program.

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