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Today’s topic: Along with better heart health, new research suggests that following the Mediterranean diet may also improve the way your brain functions and improve your memory.

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The Mediterranean Diet Improves Memory And Brain Function

Image of fruits and vegetables
Following the Mediterranean diet may help improve your memory and brain function. Image by Unknown photographer, via Wikimedia Commons

MADRID, SPAIN—A recent study reported from the University of Navarra and published online this month in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry suggests that brain function can be improved by following the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean diet consists of consuming virgin olive oil, fruits, nuts, vegetables, fish, one glass of red wine, and low quantities of dairy and red meat. It is noted that these foods have been found to also improve heart health.

The study had 522 participants between the ages of 55-80. They volunteered for a study trial to investigate how to best defend from heart disease. The participants were randomly assigned one of three groups. In one group, they followed the Mediterranean diet with olive oil. In the second group, they followed the Mediterranean group and added mixed nuts. The third group followed a low fat diet.

The team followed the participants for 6.5 years to their doctor visits, and every three months the researchers checked that they were following the correct diet. All of the subjects underwent memory, attention, language, orientation, abstract thinking, and other brain function assessments; for these assessments the participants completed a Mini-Mental State Examination and a Clock Drawing Test.

The results showed that the brain function test score averages were significantly higher for the subjects who were in the two groups that followed the Mediterranean diet compared to the group on the low fat diet.

The researchers concluded that:

“An intervention with MedDiets enhanced with either EVOO [extra virgin olive oil] or nuts appears to improve cognition compared with a low-fat diet.”

If you are interested in improving your memory and brain function, you might want to consider making the Mediterranean diet a part of your lifestyle.

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