Secret to Increasing Your Willpower

Today’s topic: Want to lose weight and gain more self control? All you need is a little practice! New research suggests that it may be possible to increase your willpower using just a few simple techniques.

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Practicing Willpower Shown To Help with Weight Loss

Image of person squeezing a ball
By Lewis Ronald, via Wikimedia Commons

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND – A new study at The Miriam Hospitals Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center and published in Obesity Research and Clinical Practice suggests you can train your body, your mind and your willpower. The study shows it is possible to strengthen and improve your self-control in order to lose more weight.

The study involved 40 participants in a six-month behavioral weight loss intervention, which included weekly sessions led by dietitians, exercise physiologists and behavioral psychologists. During the sessions, participants were asked to demonstrate certain exercises such as squeezing a ball with their hand at a high intensity level for as long as possible. The point is to experience “aversive stimuli,” such as cramping, pain and discomfort, and override the desire to end the uncomfortable task in order to achieve their goal.

According to the lead researcher, Tricia M. Leahey, Ph.:

“Of course it makes sense that if you have more ‘willpower’ you’ll do better in a weight loss program; however, this phenomena is surprisingly understudied. Our study is the first to examine whether practicing acts of self-control during weight loss is linked to an increase in self-control and better weight loss outcomes, although other research has
demonstrated this effect in the area of smoking cessation.”

The researchers concluded that the participants who lost the most weight, were the ones who expressed more willpower during challenges that had nothing to do with diet and exercise.

If you want to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Leahey suggests partaking in small willpower exercises that will help train your brain to overcome the desire to give up such as squeezing a small ball for a certain length of time or sitting up straight longer than you normally would before slouching.

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