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The Difference Between Stretchmatic and Yoga Power

Yoga is an ancient exercise system that has been around for thousands of years.
For that reason and because of it’s growing popularity….in fact According to the Yoga Journal, approximately 15 million people currently practice yoga in the United States.

Our Naturecast Products staff sought out how we could provide our subscribers with some of the best lean muscle strength building benefits from practicing yoga.

What we found out is that while many people think of yoga as simply stretching it’s a lot more than that. It turns out that yoga has a number of different disciplines within it that have different purposes.

It’s true that there are many yoga exercises that are about becoming more flexible.
But, what we discovered was that there are also categories that focus on building powerful lean muscle.

But, best of all is that these strength building techniques don’t require agonizing weightlifting or other painful exercises.

So, we sought out and found a highly qualified yoga instructor, Courtney Gallo who holds multiple certifications in teaching yoga. Courtney used her expertise to develop her own proprietary system that she culled from the best of these proven ancient techniques to build lean muscle.

If you’re interested in building lean muscle mass with pleasant yoga techniques instead of brutal weightlifting or other exhausting methods, then you might find the Yoga Power program of interest.

On the other hand, the Stretchmatic Strength System is somewhat similar in that it also builds lean muscle from stretching, but there are differences between the systems. The Stretchmatic program has a little more focus on gaining flexibility and there is a little less demand for muscle resistance.

The Stretchmatic program is also a proprietary system designed by a different, but highly qualified and certified fitness trainer named Dana Laurie.

So, the Stretchmatic program is probably better for someone who feels like they have less range of motion and strength. While the Yoga Power is definitely designed for beginners, it’s focus is a little bit more on building muscle quicker and a little less emphasis on flexibility.

The truth is that there is some overlap between the programs and it’s really more a matter of fine tuning as to which one is just a little more right for you. Ultimately, if you find you like one of the programs, you will probably like the other and may at some future time decide to add it to your library.

Links to both are below if you’d like more information on either program.

Click here for information on Yoga Power.

For more information on Stretchmatic click here.

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