How to Eat Less Food Without Being Hungry

Today’s topic: Avoid gaining weight by changing the way you eat. You may find you eat less if you change the size of the bites you take. Read more below …

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Simple Way to Avoid Weight Gain By Eating Less

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By Gabriel Rodríguez, via Wikimedia Commons

WAGENINGEN, NETHERLANDS – Research conducted at Wageningen University discovered an interesting tactic to reduce your food consumption and avoid unwanted weight gain.

In this study the researchers examined whether getting people to eat smaller bites of food would result in a reduction of caloric intake.

The subjects were broken up into three groups:

Group 1: Ate pre-measured volumes of small sips of soup

Group 2: Ate pre-measured volumes of large sips of soup

Group 3: Ate any size sips they preferred.

They then had the groups all watch a 15 minute film and were instructed to eat as much as they wanted.

The team found that the subjects who ate the pre-specified small sips of soup consumed about 30 percent less than those in the other groups.

According to nutrition coordinator, Rebecca Solomon at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City who was not involved in the study:

The idea that taking smaller bites would potentially counteract the effects of eating while distracted makes sense from a physiologic standpoint.  We know that it takes approximately 20 minutes for the sensation of ‘satiety’ or fullness to kick in.

Taking smaller bites necessarily makes the meal or snack take longer to eat, therefore reducing the amount one would eat within that initial 20 minutes when the feeling of satiation is not yet registered by the brain and stomach.

If you’re interested in reducing your food consumption you might want to try taking smaller bites.

Have a healthy day,

Larry Berman

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