Your Mind Can Reduce Inflammation

Today’s topic: Meditation may have anti-inflammatory health benefits.

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Mind May Be Able to Reduce Inflammation

Image of woman meditating
By Sigurdas, via Wikimedia Commons

MADISON, WISCONSIN – New research conducted by University of Wisconsin-Madison neuroscientists and published in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity suggests that the power of your mind may be able to actually reduce inflammation in your body.

In this study the participants were broken up into two groups. One group participated in various athletic activities such as walking. The other group was trained in and practiced meditating.

Next, the participants had their stress levels evaluated using a tool called the Trier Social Stress Test to induce psychological stress. Additionally, a capsaicin cream was applied to the skin to produce inflammation on the skin.

The researchers collected both immune and endocrine measures before and after
training for both groups. While each group showed reduced stress, the meditation
group was more effective at reducing stress-induced inflammation.

The researchers say that anyone suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions,
such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and asthma just to name a few, might be able to benefit from meditation techniques.

If you’re interested in reducing stress and inflammation, you might want to consider trying meditation.

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