Secret to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Today’s topic: Eating at the wrong time of day may throw your “food clock” out of whack.

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Secret to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Image of a mouse eating
By Steve Beger, via Wikimedia Commons

SAN FRANCISCO – New research conducted by UCSF and published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science has shed light on how your “food clock” may cause weight gain.

The researchers explained that your food clock is a collection of interacting genes and molecules known technically as the food-entrainable oscillator, which keeps your metabolic systems working without major variations.

The researchers used mice to establish that when they were only given food during the time they normally slept, they began to wake up in anticipation of getting the food. They were also able to establish particular gene that managed this function.

This behavior pattern helped confirm the power of the food clock in mammals. The team also reported on how previous research established that a person’s body uses the food clock to make the most of nutritional intake and controls genes in our digestive tract and the dispersal of nutrients throughout the bloodstream.

When you eat at unusual hours or in quantities that are irregular, it can throw off your body’s mechanisms for processing the food.

According to researcher Louis Ptacek, MD:

“Understanding the molecular mechanism of how eating at the “wrong” time of the day desynchronizes the clocks in our body can facilitate the development of better treatments for disorders associated with night-eating syndrome, shift work and jet lag,”

If you want to avoid unintentional weight gain during the holiday season, you might want to try to maintain your normal food intake habits to prevent your body’s food clock from going haywire.

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