Prevent Age-Related Muscle Loss


Dear Reader, The things we lose when we age can really be depressing. Today, because I didn’t have my glasses with me I couldn’t even read a credit card number at the gym! Anyway, another unfortunate aging fact is that we all lose muscle as we get older. Good news …

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Ask a Doctor About: Cancer


We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new free service for our subscribers. Dr. Don Pham has joined our editorial team and each week he will reply to several questions that subscribers email in to us about natural health, supplements, or other general medical questions. Because Dr. Pham …

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Drink 2 Cups a Day to Prevent Alzheimer’s


Dear Reader, Because of the alarming number of people who develop dementia each year, there is an abundance of research on how we can naturally protect ourselves. As I’ve written before, having had someone close to me develop Alzheimer’s I am very concerned about reducing my risk. If you are …

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Common vitamin improves heart health


Dear Reader, For decades people have been aware of the potential immune system benefits of Vitamin C. But a new study conducted at the University of Colorado indicates that it may have an even more important benefit for your heart because it reduces proteins that damage blood flow. If you’re interested in …

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Food that improves heart health


Dear Reader, Two of the biggest threats to your health according to researchers are triglyceride and blood sugar levels. So, today’s report on something that you can eat to help lower both of those should be of great interest. Have a healthy day, Larry Berman Quit Being Exhausted Many people …

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