Add Eight Years to Your Life

Today’s topic: New research suggests that eating blueberries may protect you from getting Parkinson’s disease and may also increase your life span. Read more about the study below. A Man’s Body is Being Assaulted by Loss of Testosterone and Reduced Blood Flow to the Penis Find out how this woman and her husband found an […]

Fun Way to Reduce Stress

Image of a woman laughing

Today’s topic: If you want to reduce stress and protect your health, you may want to try laughing. Research suggests that laughter has many health benefits, including reducing stress. Read more about the study below. The Shocking Truth about Human Growth Hormone Growth hormone is a necessity to keep your body young and healthy. Unfortunately, […]

12 Foods That Boost Your Memory

Today’s topic: If you want to improve your memory and the way your brain works, you may want to have some chocolate. Read on to learn more about how chocolate and 11 other foods may help your brain function better. Restore Your Youth Naturally Imagine if your hair wasn’t gray any longer…your wrinkles vanished…you felt […]